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Basics of Woven Labels

Basics of Woven Labels:

Woven labels are one of the most widely used around the world as main source of identifications of garments today.

But before you consider on certain type of woven labels, you should read the following and fully understand the basic concepts of woven labels.

There are mainly three different types of woven labels as categorized below;

(a) Damask

(b) Satin

(c) Taffeta

(a) Re: Damask labels are most common and considered high end quality woven labels compared to satin and taffeta, although it does not necessarily mean that damask labels are best matched with all types of garments. For example, shiny and soft texture of ‘satin’ woven labels is more likely to be used on baby/infant garments to enhance the soft and shiny impression.

Many customers consider damask labels because of their durability and ability to present detailed designs through high definition weaving. Compared to satin and taffeta, damask weaving compression ratio is higher during the weaving process, which results in more threads within the same area. And damask labels use 100 denier (thickness of thread) threads compared to 150 denier for satin and taffeta. Just like high definition television, it displays highly detailed designs and letters with bright solid colors. The only disadvantage you have with damask label is its higher cost compared to satin and taffeta.

(b) Re: Satin Label - the most distinctive feature about satin label is that they look shiny, because they are woven with satin threads. And because of their special weaving process, the background colors of the label are usually soft colors. Normally dark pink color background will turn out to be light pink, and yellow will turn out as a soft ivory background color.

Therefore, satin labels are excellent if you want to present soft, shiny, sophisticated and luxurious looking labels.

One of the downside of satin labels is its ability to present detailed designs. Because of the soft colors blending in together (background and design), the design does not stand out as much as damask or taffeta labels.

(c) Re: Taffeta labels are very simple and most inexpensive woven labels.

Taffeta labels are similar to damask labels, but they are woven at lower compression ratio, which means the labels are thinner and the ability to display detailed designs, strong solid colors are not as strong as damask labels.

Taffeta labels are still one of the popular types of woven labels for basic, everyday labels.

Many customers also prefer taffeta labels on their care labels due to its value pricing. With many different care contents, labeling cost can be expensive, but with taffeta, you can establish what you want on the labels and save money at the same time.

Definition of labels can also be measured by thickness of threads, also known as ‘denier’. Thinner the threads, higher the definition ratio, which means better, detailed design presentation. Damask labels usually use 100 denier threads but sometimes 50 or 80 deniers if we are trying to accomplish extremely high details within limited area. Taffeta and satin labels usually use 150 denier threads, which means the threads are thicker with less definition.

E-mail us for more information.

Hot colors on JB Yarns Book for woven labels

Hot colors on JB Yarns Book for woven labels:


May be, these aforesaid colors are only for reference.
Not for the exact data when design your labels and logos.

Anyway, please send us e-mail if any.

Full damask weaves & Half (1/2) damask weaves

Re: Full damask weaves & Half (1/2) damask weaves:

(a) Full damask weaves woven label is suitable for End folded designs and also have little small words.

(b) Half (1/2) damask weaves woven label is suitable for Loop folded designs with content & care instructions due the small words will be more clear and have a nice look on the label.

Therefore, if you design your labels have the content/care instructions; please use the half (1/2) damask weaves (i.e. Top part is full damask and bottom part is plain taffeta weaves.

Please ask us more details if needed.
Attn: Mr. Ivan Chan

Shuttle-Loom and Needle-Loom

Shuttle-Loom and Needle-Loom:

Actually both looms are the woven soft edge.

However, Shuttle Loom is more thinner and softer than needle-loom especially in White ground with dark designs.

Shuttle loom is the "figures weaving" so the yarn will not have too much heavy on the back side and also will not affect the ground from white to off-white or grey.

If you design the shirts & t-shirts, Ladies dress and/or high price fashion, may be you can choose shuttle-loom is more better.

Needle-loom can have the heavy & stronger hand feels on the labels so you can consider to make it for Jacket, Down Jackets and Jeans.
Of course, you can also let the needle-loom labels sewing on heavy fabrics clothing.

** Both above looms will have color's limitation. If your design have more colours than four contrasts so we suggest to make it as [ broad-loom ] + [ ultra-sonic edge ].

If you want to know more about their difference.
Please send us e-mail at once.

Colours Trend for Woven Label

Colours Trend for Woven Label:

In accordance with the data and reports during Fall/Winter 2008, some of the hot colours will be the trend for fashion and clothing in this coming season as below:

(a) Re: Woven Label for Ladies Fashion 2008

Dark Green

(b) Re: Woven Label for Mens Fashion 2008

Dark Grey

Sometimes, will have small changes on check & Stripe or Multi-colored designs.

If you need to have more information on woven label's quotes and samples making.
Please feel free to contact us by E-mail ASAP.

Different Folding & Cutting

We can handle different Folding & Cutting as below:

Roll pack
Hot cut
Loop fold
End fold
Loop & end fold
Mitre fold
Manhattan fold
Ultra-sonic cut
Laser cut
Die cut
Over-locking edge
Polyester backing
Iron-on backing
Self-adhesive backing
Polyfill Injection for label and zip-puller
Slit hole for zip-puller

Please feel free to contact us for further information and details.
Attn: Mr. Ivan Chan

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Red colour to JB Yarn's colours book

Red colour to JB Yarn's colours book
Some ideas from Normal colour to JB Yarn's colours"

Re: Red colour -


Please send us E-mail if you need to have similar Pantone colour's for reference.

Burgundy colour to JB Yarn's colours book

Burgundy colour to JB Yarn's colours book
Some ideas from Normal colour to JB Yarn's colours"

Re: Burgundy colour -


Please send us E-mail if you need to have similar Pantone colour's for reference.

Pink colour to JB Yarn's colours book

Some ideas from Normal colour to JB Yarn's colours"

Re: Pink colour -


Please send us E-mail if you need to have similar Pantone colour's for reference.

Pantone Colours And JB Colours

Pantone Colours And JB Colours are acceptable for us to make samples for approval.

You can advise:

Pantone no: 348C
JB colour: JB-608
you can also advise another yarn's suppliers of:


Small quantity are welcome

Small quantity are welcome.

No doubt, small quantity and fast delivery is the trend for coming decade.
Hot Fashions and designers are willing to make small quantity and attract the consumers to buy their designer fashions and collection in every seasons.

Therefore, our clients are needed to have the quick delivery and services in time.

We don't think back the volume buyers and huge quantity will come back again.

1,000 Pieces per design are acceptable for us to work quick in production.
Please send us E-mail for further information and details.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Delivery Methods

Delivery methods:

We can help clients to deliver the labels via FEDEX or UPS or DHL under their account and based on terms of: Freight Collect.

In order to save the delivery costs. Some clients will also ask for Sending Labels via Air Parcel through Post Office.

Of course, you need to pay us the delivery cost via Paypal firstly.
Then we can help clients to send out the labels in time.

Samples Making & Production Leadtime

Some clients will ask for Samples Making & Production Leadtime:

(a) Samples making leadtime = within 7-working days after price confirmation.
(b) Production leadtime = within 15-workdays after received your orders.

If you want to have more details,
Please send us E-mail
Attn: Mr. Ivan Chan

Better width to save costs

Better width to save costs

Suggest to design your designer woven label at:


All above width are more fitest on our machine's running and also save your costs.

Payment via Paypal

Payment method:

Suggest to send us payment via Paypal with your credit card or eCheck online.

We will advise how to send us payment once receipt your e-mail.

*Apply your Paypal Business Account here

Loom Types

We have needle-loom and broad-loom available in quick production.

(a) Needle-loom - woven soft edge.
(b) Broad-loom - Slit Edge or Ultra-sonic Soft Edge.
(c) Shuttle-loom - Woven soft edge.

If you want to have the enough details,
Please contact us now
ISSI Fashions
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Woven Label

We can produce several types of woven labels as details below:

(a) Satin
(b) Taffeta
(c) Full Damask
(d) Woven Tape
(e) Woven Badge
(f) Woven & Embossed Labels
(g) Iron on Labels & Badges
(h) Laser cut into shape labels
(i) Overlocking Edge Woven Badges
(j) Diecut Woven Badges
(k) Screen Print on woven labels
(l) Dye to match Pantone colours woven labels
(j) We have White, Black and Red Warps available for production
(l) Woven Soft Edge Labels
(m) Ultra-sonic Edge Labels

If you want to have more information and details for above items,
Please feel free to contact us by E-mail ASAP.

Woven Label

If you want to have the quick quotes and samples making for approval.
Please send us e-mail for costing as soon as possible.

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